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Faith Alive! Retreat Agenda


Faith Alive!


Purposes Agenda Retreat Manual To Begin

Retreat Agenda

 Friday Evening

6:00   Ministry Team gather for prayer

6:15   Registration and informal gathering of everyone – buffet meal, (team greets all)

7:00   Welcome, housekeeping concerns, ground rules, and Foundation of Retreat

·        For God so loved the world…

·        Is the parish our world or is the world our parish?

·        Jesus, within his faith tradition, was a lay person.

·        The church is fundamentally God's lay movement for renewing the world.

7:15   Opening Exercise: creating a presence

What is your name and background? What do you hope to get from this retreat? How do you feel about being here?

8:00   Opening Ritual -- "Come and see" – in church around baptismal pool. Theme is baptism and being called

8:15   Encountering Christ: The Human Heart of God—Teaching talk, Reflection, & Sharing

8:50   Break

9:00   Growing in a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ—Witness talk, Reflection, & Sharing

9:50   Closing Prayer -- Sending Forth

Overnight reflection question: What am I doing or not doing that prevents me from achieving the personal relationship with Jesus I desire?

10:00  Leave for the Evening


Saturday Morning

7:15   Ministry Team gathering for prayer in retreat center

7:30   Everyone gathers for continental breakfast (team greets all)

8:00   Morning Ritual:      "Confirmed in faith" (gather in church) Theme is confirmation.

Give over to God that which prevents you from achieving the relationship you want with Jesus as Lord

8:15   Spirituality of Daily Living—Teaching talk, Reflection, & Sharing

8:55   Break

9:05   The Spiritual Path of Love—Witness talk, Reflection, & Sharing

10:20  Break

10:30  A Christian Vision of Work—Teaching talk, Reflection, & Sharing

11:15  The Spiritual Path of Work—Witness talk, Reflection, & Sharing

12:00  Lunch

 Saturday Afternoon

12:30  Afternoon Ritual:   "Bread for the journey" (in church) Theme is Eucharist.

12:45  Liturgy and Life: Being Centered and Sent—Teaching talk, Reflection, & Sharing

1: 30  Break

1:40   Liturgy in Life: Strengthening the Connections—Witness talk, Reflection, & Sharing

3:00   In the Footsteps of Jesus: Sent to Serve and Do Justice—Teaching talk, Reflection, & Sharing

3:45   Break

4:00   Conversation with another on "my spiritual journey"

4:30   Resources for Deepening in Faith—Teaching talk, Reflection, & Sharing

5:20   Personal Reflection Time

1.  Identify one personal commitment to action to take before future follow-up evening

2.  Share commitment with one person -- offer to pray for each other and hold each other accountable

5:45   Prepare for Parish Mass, includes acknowledgment of retreat at Mass and possible comment by a team member

6:00   Parish Mass (Timeline can be adjusted to fit the time of the scheduled parish Vigil Mass.)

(7:00  Optional Dinner Celebration)

(7:00) or 8:30         Retreat participants gather for ritual closing and sending forth: "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord"


Follow-up Evening

7:00   Gathering

7:15   Ritual Opening

7:25   Oscar Romero reading and dyad sharing of outcomes of individual commitments

7:35   On the Road to Emmaus: Walkabout Review of Retreat

8:05   Being a Catholic Christian 24/7: Possibilities and Practicalities

Teaching/witness talk and demonstration

·        model small group dialogue for support and accountability

·        offer guidelines and starter reflection questions for conversations about living faith in daily life and work

·        provide opportunity for small groups to form, plan, commit

·        for people already in groups -- a time to re-commit and reflect how to further develop in existing groups)

·        Consider this possible option: periodic coming together of all who have made Faith Alive retreats with a speaker/presentation, discussion, and fellowship

8:35   Opportunity to express interest in being on a future Faith Alive team

8:40   Evaluation of program (written)

8:45   Ritual Closing: Sending forth to the mission fields of daily life.



Purposes Agenda Retreat Manual To Begin

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