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Faith Alive!


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Fundamental Purposes of the Faith Alive! Programs

·        To strengthen the connection between people’s faith and work. (Work is defined as any productive activity we do.) [Connection could be interpreted as interaction, interrelationship, and/or interdependence.]

·        To enhance parishes as formation centers which affirm, equip, challenge, and support believers in their daily life mission to live the gospel, especially at work


I.    An examination of why our commonly understood Catholic Christian vision, at the grass roots level, needs further development for integrating faith and work.

A. Dualistic thinking

1.     sacred vs. secular or spiritual vs. material [This issue has existed throughout human history. Today’s materialistic culture makes the issue particularly relevant for Catholic Christians today.]

2.     separating the divine from the human

3.     misunderstanding the American concept of separation of church and state

B.  Tendency to view spirituality as fundamentally an interior, contemplative experience.

C.  Failure to take seriously one's own ordinary life events including work as a way of encountering the divine.

D. Too much emphasis upon mission and ministry being directly related to internal church work or parish commissioned responsibilities.

E. Lack of recognizing one's work as a possible "religious" vocation, an opportunity to strengthen the connections between God, oneself, and others.

·   Again, Mission has a church. The church belongs to the mission. The church equates to “the people gathered.”

·   “Call” equals desires, gifts, talent, interests, skills. All God given for one’s unique piece of the mission. We are stewards of what God has given—the call and the mission. The mission is born of us. The church is the vehicle.

II   A realization we, as church, are forming people as disciples in the world. The Faith Alive! Retreat builds upon the foundation belief that together we can continue to strengthen our focus upon the vocation and mission of the laity in the world.

A. Emphasis upon forming people for volunteer or paid "inner/ecclesial church life and work" needs to be extended to formation for daily life and work.

B. Recognition that the average lay person would benefit from learning more about recent church teachings on the role of the laity in the world, the call of lay people to be Christian influences in the social, political, military, economic, educational, medical, cultural, etc., spheres of life

C. Need to foster approaches in Christian formation that are life and work-centered, that foster faith-inspired reflection, decision-making, and action in the midst of the marketplace (we can infuse much of this into what is already going on in parish formation of people).

D. An opportunity to encourage believers to find meaning, value, and creativity in their work, experiencing their labor as God-centered, as a vocation, as kingdom building, as responsible and honest stewardship.

E.  A call to lay people to further develop and deepen their own unique spirituality rooted in who they are and what they do, a stewardship of God’s gifts integrating personal growth and concern for the common good, grounded in scripture and Catholic Christian tradition.

·   Integrating personal and social moral growth based on scripture and Catholic Church tradition.


Purposes  The Retreat  The Sessions  For Adult Faith Devel


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