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Faith Based Values


Faith Alive! Topics for the Sessions


Faith Alive!

The Retreat


Purposes  Session Topics  Session Agenda  Generations' Manual  To Begin

Agenda of Session Topics

  1. Relationship with Jesus

    1. Encountering Christ—Human Heart of God

    2. Growing in Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

  2. Spirituality

    1. Spirituality of Daily Living

    2. Spiritual Path of Love

  3. Work

    1. Christian Vision of Work

    2. Spiritual Path of Work

  4. Liturgy

    1. Liturgy and Life—Being Centered and Sent

    2. Liturgy in Life—Strengthening Connections

  5. Mission

    1. In the Footsteps of Jesus—Sent to Serve

    2. In the Footsteps of Jesus—Sent to Do Justice

  6. Gifts

    1. Recognizing God's Gifts

    2. Using God's Gifts

  7. Resources for Deepening Life in Faith

  8. Being Catholic 24/7

    1. Possibilities and Practicalities

    2. Commitment and Support


Purposes  Agenda  Session Agenda  Generations' Manual  To Begin

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