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Faith Alive! Retreat: To Begin


Faith Alive!


Purposes Agenda Retreat Manual To Begin

Retreat Initiator’s Tasks 

1.     Confirm parish’s intent to sponsor the Faith Alive! Retreat and the obligations and expectations of both the parish and Living Faith at Work.

2.     With the parish ministers, set the date for the retreat and a follow-up session (about 10 days after the weekend) far enough in the future to allow for team formation and preparation—at least two months out.

3.     Reserve parish facilities for the Friday evening, all day Saturday, and follow-up evening sessions.

4.     Work with the parish ministers to identify the members of the team that will put on the retreat and secure their agreement to participate.

5.     If you will not be the Retreat Coordinator, work with the parish ministers to identify a team member to assume that role and secure his/her agreement to lead the team.

6.     Review the Faith Alive! Retreat manual with the Retreat Coordinator.

7.     Establish the date, time, and place of the initial team meeting and communicate that to the selected team members.

8.     With the parish ministers, establish and reserve tentative dates, times, and locations for the team preparation meetings. Eight would be ideal but it can be as few as four if the team members are willing to hold longer meetings (3 hours instead of one and one-half hours). These will be reviewed and modified at the first team meeting.

9.     With the Retreat Coordinator prepare for the initial team meeting.


Purposes Agenda Retreat Manual To Begin



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