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Faith Based Values


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Faith Community Programs

Would your faith community benefit from a session mission/retreat that focuses on:

    How can we better integrate our faith and values into our daily lives?

    What can we do to move beyond the sacred-secular split in the ways many of us view the world, to enhance an awareness of the spirituality of all of life?

    How can we foster a keen sense that our most important mission and ministry is what we do in our everyday lives at home, at work, and in the wider community?

    What are we already doing as a faith community to affirm, equip, and support laypeople for their daily life mission, and how can we do this even better?


  • Parish missions conducted by Fr. Norm Douglas and Larry Vuillemin, Esq. co-founders of Living Faith at Work. There are three missions available. Click on the links for information about them.

    • God Revives Our World (GROW)

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    • New Wineskins

    MSWord | PDF

    • The Resilient Life

    MSWord | PDF

  • An extended duration, adult faith development program,
    Living Faith-Fully in Daily Life and Work
    . This p
    rogramís overall goal is to provide participants an opportunity to step back from their busyness to become more conscious of, and more committed to, living their faith in daily life, especially in the world of work and community involvement. It is an 18 session, interactive spiritual development series grounded in the Catholic faith.

Introductory Information MSWord | PDF

Goals and Objectives MSWord | PDF

Session Topics MSWord | PDF

  • A workshop, Faith & Work: Strengthening the Connections. It is for pastors, parish ministers, and parish leaders. Clink on the links for information about it.

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  • The Faith Alive!  faith formation mission and educational programs. For these three programs, the manuals contain all the directions and materials necessary for a parish or interested group to conduct the chosen program. Click on this link for more information about these programs and access to the manuals.

    Faith Alive programs information


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